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Dinah Perez

Our founder personifies the Latinx21 spirit. She’s dynamic, creative, accomplished, dedicated to our community, and is both East Coast and West Coast. Born in New York City, Dinah Perez now calls Los Angeles home.

Dinah attended Loyola Law School and has been practicing entertainment law since 1996. Although from day one entertainment has always been her passion.  She began singing at age 12 and had already performed at Radio City Music Hall and The Lincoln Center by age 17.  She also ran a small motion picture production company where she developed screenplays with veteran producers. 

Born to a Cuban mom and Cuban/Spanish dad, Dinah understands the importance of representation. While education was her ticket out of poverty, she recognizes many do not have the same opportunities.

As the political discourse about Latinos and immigrants deteriorated, she decided to create a videosharing platform focused on our community.  Her aim was to create a site where Latinos could shine, feel safe to be themselves, celebrate their culture, and show the world what being Latino is all about.  

For Dinah, Latinx21 is about inclusivity.  Even the name represents the gender-neutral term for our community and includes the 21 Spanish-speaking countries around the world. This is OUR home and everyone is welcome.

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